HR digital transformation


Cloud based AI solution for HR

Application Ranking System to recruit, manage and evaluate candidates. 

Grow your talent pool thanks to AI CV Matching technologie


all-in-one software for staffing & recruitment agencies.

an all-in-one software for staffing agencies, recruitment companies as well as for those involved in recruitment services. Research and selection activities, mandates’ management, up to invoicing, can be carried out within a single tool, subsequently enhancing performance and efficiency of the daily work.

Developed to support staffing and employment agencies throughout the entire production cycle. It optimizes and digitalize the processes of talent acquisition, customer relationship and administrative management.


complete and intuitive end-to-end HR solution

a modular suite developed for the HR department of public and private companies. It is made up of an ATS based on artificial intelligence and on its ability to improve employer branding. A second module allows managing hiring and employees’ personal data, up to the evaluation of their performance and the management of cooperative space.

The solution includes: a module for internal mobility, a system for performance evaluation and management and a Social Networking Software to improve corporate communication and cooperation.


Turnkey job portal

Allows Employment Agencies to publish job vacancies as well as to search and select candidates with the best technology on the market.

Specifically designed for those who work in the recruitment and selection sector, the Job Board Software allows publishing job ads, screening and selecting candidates, without the need for software development and maintenance skills (provided in SaaS).

HR Tech Tools

additional stand-alone solutions, so that each company can benefit from its technologies: from SMB with limited requirements to big companies, which needs to empower their systems with new functionalities.

CVideo: On-demand video interviews

CVideo is a web platform to record automated video-interviews; it is an effective tool that enables recruiters to easily select applicants without losing any precious time. It is accessible from all devices and it helps preselect those applicants whom are worth being interviewed personally. The platform suits both companies and job agencies, supporting them with a fast and smart selection.

SoftskillLab: Online psychological testing platform

SoftskillLab is an online psychological testing platform that allows you to make an effective assessment of candidates and employees.

ExaminLab: Hard skills testing platform

ExaminLab is an online adaptive testing platform for the assessment of technical and language skills.

JobArch: Recruiting Software for small business

JobArch is a simple and powerful Applicant Ranking System (ARS) that allows effective and inexpensive recruitment and selection, within everyone’s reach. It is the modern version of a traditional ATS, based on Artificial Intelligence designed for the HR sector, able to read skills in CVs and requirements in job offers and perform an automatic “matching” between the two, by automatically ranking applicants’ profiles with searches. In this way, pre-screening is directly performed by the system.